FGF history begin in year 2000, when founding associates decide to make the most of their family experience, which roots date back to 1963. FGF is therefore a second-generation company.

Today FGF is a leading company in the Italian solid wood furniture production market. After leaving the artisan and family logic, common in this field, behind, today FGF is a company which builds its success on an industrial-grade organizational idea. At the same time, FGF makes sure to not lose all the hand-crafting values and skills which belongs to the solid wood workmanship tradition.


Our mission is to build furniture with custom and exclusive design, the main feature being they are entirely made of solid wood and built with the substantial quality which ensures long time durability. To buy and to hold a real wood piece of furniture should be made possible for most people.


ETHIC: give priority to human and moral values, both in work and in the

QUALITY: constantly improve the quality and the reliability of all our products and

RESPONSIBILITY: always prefer serious and reliable choices.

CUSTOMERS: satisfied customers are the real value of out company, our reason to exists.

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